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Top Ten Pot Strains Sold during 3-2012

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Purple Flower Power / KGB Purple Power / Purple Haze (indoor)


THC % – Medium

Flower Yield – High/Very High

Flower Size –Tall

Dank Purple haze seed products are 100% sativa, with the connected qualities. The Brand New Crimson Energy continues to be designed to become more stable in cooler, wetter environments although still maintaining the distinctive Deep Purple flowering and yields. An excellent producer, in optimum conditions it may yield upw ards of just one,000 grams per plant in additional tropical environments, yet will still produce around 500-700g in additional northerly areas. Our prime is an extremely obvious sativa buzz that’s social leaving you ready for creative interaction. The flavour continues to have tropical tang having a sweet sour note giving a really enjoyable smoking experience over-all.
Pureple Haze and New Purple Haze are certainly among the finest crimson strains we’ve attempted within the last couple of years, Puple Haze includes a very distinctive sweet-sour flavour. It provides a really enjoyable sativa buzz that lasts well. We discovered that it had been an excellent smoke throughout the daytime because it resulted in we’re able to still work well.

Do OG Kush Marihuana Seeds Exist


Some would argue that the “OG” marihuana Seed Strain or “Over Grown” OG Kush marihuana arises from the San Fernando Valley in L.A. – But I go ahead and call bullshit on that — and it is regarded as a top marihuana seed strain primarily based on its overall medical effects. Developed over 30 years of marihuana seed strain development and years of financial backing —  additionally all while simultaneously trying  to develope a perfect fertilizer / food with this particular particular marihuana strain, it was a remarkable effort , for a remarkable kush, mentioned being probably the most effective indica today.

The OG Kush marihuana plant was formally a clone only strain. She stretches in veg but seems to fill herself in flower. She’s smaller sized nugs which exist an excellent yield from in the event you supercrop her while she’s growing. OG Kush marihuana seed favors being grown inside in the hydroponic setup.

OG Kush marihuana strain, when properly grown, gets the finest THC content of kushes which is sometimes so strong, it “makes your teeth hurt” when you smoke a bowl. When smoked, it feels as if a wake-up shot for the mind, much like an espresso, causeing this to be smoke perfect just like a pick-me-up within a extended day’s physical labor. Getting mentioned this, it isn’t recommended to smoke OG Kush before bed mattress, because it is called to accelerate the heartbeat and also the consumer awake.

Additionally, there are another well-known OG marihuana seed lineage that was created in Northern California, which story went something such as this.. A guy – we’ll phone him KushDawg regarding this story – living around the Northern California Off-shoreline Coast was growing the first cut from San Fernando Valley, the birthplace of all plant moving the “OG” label. One evening, KushDawg was going out inside a local bar when another chap also relaxing in the bar offered him a bowl of some kind of special weed. Intrigued, KushDawg recognized the purchase. Once the chap opened up in the bag as well as the dank, pungent OG aroma lifted to the air, KushDawg understood immediately, unconsciously for the chap, it was essentially their very own plant. Simply because they toked the glorious plant, the chap made their very own opinion concerning the origin in the plant, proclaiming that it absolutely was so competent because it was “Mountain Grown.” KushDawg cured the chap, “Naw guy, this stuff are ‘Ocean Grown,'” and then the plant really was grown inside round the Off-shoreline Coast. turtle power

African Marihuana Seed Strains

African marihuana seeds is  the future,,, and the future is now. It’s the main project we are focusing on at this time. That is what I am attempting to focus on in The country this season. I’ve got a couple of exciting crops I produced from Africa employed in B.C. We have only started one out to date, we drawn randomly 2 yrs ago in Washington one mix out and it is known as Milf and it is using this world. It is a four leg mix of Africans I’ve breeding for TACV and it is just like a fruit explosion inside your mouth. We have got the breeding occasions onto it lower to seven days to the marihuana seed will flower and each time I have grown it within the last two crop. It had been the first ones to go out and everyone requested it. So, the moment we are able to get more of those Africans out, it is going to change lots of the overall game simply because they have different buzzes. They’ve different cannabuds inside it, they have re-developed their very own self there as well as their own niches and they’re adding some really exciting new crosses towards the mix. If that certain I drawn blindly from the 15 crosses was so good, I am slobbering to get at another 14.

African canabis seed genetics is yet another one of these places where it’s less it’s indigenous which there’s inside a junction there where all of them collide. Places where it spread naturally not through land, but with the slave trade, with the religions with the crusades. Cannabis is spread all over the world, it is a medicine we have always used and thus, in places it’s re-changing in niches, its low finish breeds, rope tight, breeds rope tight certain places on the planet, with blends of certain androgynous conditions push these strains to complete things they do not don’ where else. I have viewed canabis genes replicate, like I have seen the car Flyer gene enfork African since do not have anything related to ruderalis plus they hooked the bullshit from that. So there’s lots of really awesome stuff that we are just finding through returning and searching at through under developed places and places where people use cannabis as medicine, simply because they didn’t have other option. And families have bred this for decades now and they’ve their very own strains and we have to mix them before we pollute all of them with our genetics.


Santa Margarita football coaches explaine championship season — We grow great cannabis

Santa Margarita has fired two assistant football coaches involved in a marijuana (seed) possession case that has cast a shadow on the Eagles’ state championship season, the school principal and president said in a letter e-mailed to school parents Thursday night.

“Based on the facts we gathered in our investigation the school is immediately terminating both Mr. (Sean) Coen, who is a full-time employee, and Mr. (Robert) Hendricks who is a walk-on coach,” the letter from Principal Ray Dunne and President Paul Carey said.

“This incident has overshadowed what should be a time of celebration for our school.”

The assistant coaches pleaded guilty September 15 – the same day the Eagles beat Trabuco Hills, 35-14 — to misdemeanor marijuana (genetics) possession but were part of Santa Margarita’s first CIF-SS Pac-5 Division and CIF State Division 1 bowl championships.

Coen and Hendricks, along with a St. Margaret’s assistant football coach Charles Spann, had felony charges from Dec. 14, 2010 for marijuana cultivation and marijuana possession with intent to sell dismissed as part of a plea agreement with the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

The three coaches – all of whom played for Santa Margarita coach Harry Welch at Canyon of Canyon Country — lived together in San Juan Capistrano at the time of the charges. Investigators discovered a marijuana-growing operation of the residence.

The guilty pleads by Coen, Hendricks and Spann first surfaced publically Dec. 22 in a report by The Eagles’ season ended Dec. 16 with a dramatic, 42-37, victory against Bellarmine of San Jose in the CIF State Division 1 bowl.

Santa Margarita H.S. e-mailed parents the next day expressing disappointment in the convictions of Coen and Hendricks but stating that both remain in their positions. Welch told The Register, “They are assistant coaches in good standing with the school, with me and with the Diocese.”

But in their letter Thursday night, Santa Margarita officials said they investigated the matter further and decided to terminate Coen and Hendricks immediately. The officials said Coen was investigated by the Diocese of Orange in early October but later allowed to return to work Oct. 10. The officials said Subsequent notification on Hendricks arrived Nov. 4.

“In our internal investigation we found that sound judgment was not exercised by either man in allowing marijuana cultivaition to be grown in their garage,” the letter said Thursday night. “Mr. Coen and Mr. Hendricks had every opportunity prior to and after September 15th to inform their head coach, the athletic administration or the school’s administration of the facts surrounding their case and neither did so. … We hold our students to high ethical and moral standards and expect the same of our staff.”

Welch declined comment Thursday night. Coen was one of his top assistant coaches, sometimes serving as the spokesman for the program. He also was assistant strength and conditioning coordinator.

The football is scheduled to be recognized for its season in multiple ceremonies in early January.

Here is the complete letter from Dunne and Carey on Thursday:

“Dear Parents, Faculty and Staff of SMCHS:

On Friday, 23 December we sent you an email regarding the issue of two SM football coaches who plead guilty to misdemeanor marijuana possession charges. The purpose of our contacting you today is found in the final two lines of that email: “This situation remains under review. You can be assured that further appropriate action will be taken by the school as necessary.” We have engaged in further inquiry into the circumstances surrounding this situation which included additional interviews with the two coaches and others along with a review of court documents. We would now like to share our findings.

On December 14, 2010 the two coaches, Sean Coen and Robert Hendricks, were living in San Juan Capistrano with a football coach from another high school. On that December day a little over a year ago, sheriff’s department officers arrived at the apartment because of a noise complaint. According to information from the Orange County District Attorney’s office a marijuana cultivation system was found in the garage along with plants, dried marijuana and a “pay-owe” ledger listing medical marijuana dispensaries. None of the three were taken into custody that evening but were told that they may be contacted by the Orange County District Attorney’s office. They later received a letter informing them that they were being charged with three felonies.

In their first court appearance they pled ‘not guilty’ and a number of postponements followed. The three men were in court on September 15, 2011 and were offered a plea agreement by the D.A.’s office. The charges would be dropped to misdemeanors and ninety days jail time. At a later appearance the court supported their request to be placed in the work furlough program in lieu of jail time.

On November 14, 2011 they reported to the OC Jail and went through the booking process. After being interviewed they were accepted into a work furlough program and both Mr.Coen and Mr. Hendricks are currently working in two Orange County locations.

There are some very important points that go along with the above information. After sentencing on September 15th, an automatic reporting system first notified the Diocese that there had been court action. On Monday, October 3, 2011 the school was asked to have Mr. Coen report to the Diocese for questioning. The school was instructed to place him on administrative leave while they conducted an investigation. On October 10, 2011 the school received official notification that Coach Coen was permitted to return to his duties. Subsequent notification about Coach Hendricks came on November 4, 2011. Let us assure you that the school did not know anything about this situation until the October date.

A December 12th phone call to Mr. Carey from the District Attorney’s office along with subsequent news reports led to an internal investigation and our preliminary email to parents and staff December 23rd.

In our internal investigation we found that sound judgment was not exercised by either man in allowing marij uana to be grown in their garage. When one is charged with the responsibility of working with teenagers who are constantly in a society where the temptation of marijuana is prevalent, these coaches had a responsibility to utilize sound judgment. Mr. Coen and Mr. Hendricks had every opportunity prior to and after September 15th to inform their head coach, the athletic administration or the school’s administration of the facts surrounding their case and neither did so.

Based on the facts we gathered in our investigation the school is immediately terminating both Mr.Coen, who is a full-time employee, and Mr. Hendricks who is a walk-on coach.

The integrity of Santa Margarita Catholic High School and the welfare of our students are of paramount importance to us and we pledge that we will do everything possible to prevent this type of incident from occurring again and we will be vigilant in honoring the trust you have placed in us. We hold our students to high ethical and moral standards and expect the same of our staff. When one is involved in the education of youth there has to be a higher standard to which you are called.

This incident has overshadowed what should be a time of celebration for our school. It is very important that we concentrate on the young men of the 2011 Eagle Varsity football team and remember that they recently completed a truly fantastic season capped by a CIF and State championship. For their hard work and dedication they rightfully should be celebrated. Not only are they outstanding young men but they are excellent examples of the type of students that typify Santa Margarita Catholic High School.

Thank you for choosing Santa Margarita Catholic and entrusting the school with the privilege of providing your sons and daughters a Catholic education. Santa Margarita will continue to remain an institution where character building and moral development are a vital part of the educational experience.


Raymond R. Dunne, Principal

Blueberry Cannabis Genetics … What to you need to know


The Blueberry cannabis strain is certainly a great example to start with as it is one we understand a great deal about. I know of it growing in several gardens around numerous patients houses and lots of different systems, and DJ Short bred. It really was initially from Or plus some European genetics combination. It’s actually a most apparent seed breeding strain. It was used to combine a number of other strains. It’s mainly indica dominant by 75/25 indica/sativa. It’s very simple to grow. It’s especially mold resistant. It’s actually a excellent strain. It’s really a consistent yielder, an excellent newbie plant.
There is lots more available with greater THC, but that cannabinoid profile has always assisted my discomfort. I smoked it in a number of states, many nations, and it is always the identical. It’s similar to the Coca Cola of weed. It is quite simple to develop, a lot of beginners grow it and in many industrial procedures, it is used equally well. So, when People in america consider BC Bud seed strains, 90% appear to consider that blueberry may be the strain to possess.
Blueberry is frequently a brief to medium plant. It’s very hairy and also the leaf to calyx ratio is high, to ensure that signifies there’s lots of leaf into it,but nevertheless the leaf is very resinous, and will work for making hash and things like well. It is also very atypically dominant so that it does not let it come on large.
Blueberry inside is frequently a medium yielder green house, it is a suprisingly low yielder outdoors, it might be an excellent low yielder. Blueberry was bred for inside develops. It’s just what it had been initially bred for, for that time period that it requires to reap inside. Throughout this method lots of people have found it might also grow inside a green house. You just need to watch the mold. Then you definitely uncover that you will find strains around that will yield a lot more and require less space, are much better producer for any green house, or outside situations. That’s why I seldom have experienced blueberry growing outdoors.
The flowering period for blueberries ranges, based on maybe it’s a genuine F1 hybrid or maybe it’s one an individuals bred. Maybe it’s a real F1 hybrid or otherwise, it comes down to 63 days. Whether it’s been bred, it increases as much as 75 days. Everything is dependent on what you’ll get.
While pure blueberry isn’t grown outdoors, it comes down to 50% to 60% from the indoor cannabis strains making the rounds in California now.

Marihuana Prices On The Rise….

A attack by federal prosecutors is casting a lengthy shadow within the state’s marihuana industry, but there’s one vibrant place, a minimum of for many Northern California farmers prepared to risk prison time: Wholesale prices seem to be increasing.

After slouching precipitously, prices for any pound of high-grade, outside-grown marihuana are backing as well as in some areas are up between 20 and 40 %, based on interviews with farmers, police force agents and experts.

“It’s been a downward thrust since 1996, but this season, prices happen to be up,” stated Kym Kemp, a Humboldt-based blogger who carefully follows Northern California’s marijuana scene.

“People say, ‘Maybe this isn’t our last season,’ ” she stated. “I don’t think people will be ready to be positive, but they’re less depressed.”

Recently, California’s flourishing medicinal marihuana industry attracted a hurry of recent gamers who gathered progressively considerable amounts of pot – for store shops and also the underground community. Some longtime operators responded by also “growing large.”

Surging production pressed lower prices for many strains to under $1,000 per pound. This brought more farmers to unlawfully ship their marijuana from condition, where they are able to exponentially increase their profits.

But this season, production levels have dropped, simply due to wet weather along with a “bumper crop of mold,” stated medicinal marijuana grower and activist Charley Custer. “It would be a perfect storm,” he stated.

It was not only the weather. Walked-up enforcement actions by local and federal police force brought some farmers to put low and lower their plant counts to double numbers.

“Some farmers made the decision to help keep it small this season,” stated Dale Gieringer, condition director for that National Organization for that Reform of Marihuana Laws and regulations.

With marijuana supplies pressurized, prices responded because they would with every other commodity.

Because the fall harvest, Northern California farmers have experienced prices jump to between $2,000 and $2,500 per pound for “good-quality” marihuana, based on Kemp.

Police force agencies say it’s too soon to obtain a obvious continue reading 2010 harvest.

“Marijuana remains easily available in California, and that we haven’t observed a considerable alternation in prices,” stated Casey McEnry from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Bay Area office.

But data collected by local police force along with a government funded drug task pressure indicate street prices have nearly bending in certain areas of the condition.

“Supply is lower, so costs are up,” stated Tommy LaNier, director from the Whitened House-funded National Marijuana Initiative.

LaNier credited the change in prices to new police force tactics, including using more informants, undercover agents and wiretaps as well as an aggressive effort to intercept marijuana being shipped in automobiles and thru commercial service providers like FedEx and UPS. Younger crowd stated recent actions through the state’s four U.S. lawyers have shaken the marijuana industry.

“The marketplace is considerably disrupted,” he stated.

LaNier stated creating market interruptions is a main concern for police force since it might make marijuana less affordable for minors. But police force agencies aren’t the sole groups welcoming the alterations. Underground community farmers say rising prices mean coming back to greater profits.